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When you’re trying to flourish in book publishing, it’s easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged. 
I know because it wasn’t easy to become an editor, either.
Alice Crider
I love books!
Growing up in Illinois, I always wanted to be a writer and live in Colorado. 

Today I live in Colorado, and I work in book publishing, but that didn’t happen overnight. And I didn’t get into publishing with a college education or with any editorial skills. I got in as a struggling single mom after homeschooling my kids for nine years.

First, I attended a writer’s conference expecting to learn how to become an author.

Instead, I came away bewildered and overwhelmed by the business aspect of it all. But at the conference, I listened to some editors talking about their jobs. I decided then that I would become an editor instead of an author because it looked easier. Ha! 😂

Little did I know how rough the road ahead would be...

The Dream that Became a Nightmare
My first job in publishing was a part-time editorial assistant in Sunday school curriculum. I got my foot in the door when I was going through my divorce, and I climbed the corporate ladder the hard way (the really hard way—not recommended, but I was determined and a little desperate).

It was kinda like trying to scramble up Mount Everest without any equipment or technical skills. 😬 Can you relate?

A year later, I moved into the book department, and a few years later, I found myself in what I thought was going to be my dream job.

But a few months into that job, I almost got fired. 😰

That was my worst nightmare.

I wondered how I would be able to take care of my four kids if I lost my job. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I’d show up at work, and as soon as I turned on my computer, my hands would start shaking and sweating. I’d leave the office at lunchtime and go sit in my car and cry and pray.

At night I would toss and turn and wake up in panic attacks. Have you ever felt so horribly misjudged?

As the firing squad kept writing me up for every little mistake I made, I started looking for something I could fall back on or move into if I had to leave book publishing...

And one day I made a discovery that changed everything, and now
I am on a mission to help others just like you!

In a desperate attempt to find something I could fall back on if my publishing career tanked, I hired a life coach who helped me regain my confidence.

I also enrolled in a personal development course that showed me how I could cause a new trajectory in my life. As I began to change, my world began to improve. I got promoted, got a raise, I was recruited for a new job, and got promoted again.

My life coaching experience helped me break through the glass ceiling that always seemed to hang overhead. Today, after 20+ years in book publishing, I’m a certified life coach who coaches authors, I’ve tripled my income, and I have new opportunities knocking on my door every day.

Now, you might be wondering what all that has to do with being an author. 🤔

What a lot of writers tend to overlook is that what’s going on in their head is just as important as how well they write—maybe more so at times. I’m not saying you have to become a life coach to succeed, but I am saying that personal development is a major success ingredient.

The changes I’ve made in my life helped me rise to higher status in publishing, and now I want to help you do the same. See, I’ve coached dozens of authors who have achieved outstanding success based on the training I’ve received.

When you invest in your own personal growth, you give yourself a giant advantage.

Don’t wait until you hit bottom like I did. I invite you to connect with me, and let's get you moving toward your dreams. 
Get Started
Whether you’re a brand new author or you've published multiple titles, if you’re self-published or have a traditional publisher, if you have a small or large audience, I'm here to help you win fans, influence readers, and harness the invisible mechanism responsible for 90% of your results. 
Author coaching
There are many experts out there. Some are amazing editors, writers, or marketers. 

 But you can pit me against the best writing teachers and publishing gurus out there, and I would absolutely win when it comes to coaching

I use a unique coaching technique that identifies and clears away stubborn brain patterns and limiting beliefs. My clients experience more power, freedom, creativity, and peace of mind in their personal lives and work (and so can you!).

With 20+ years of experience in traditional book publishing, I specialize in developmental, content, and line editing of non-fiction and memoir. 

I am skilled at analyzing a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and at suggesting improvements and revisions. 

I love strategizing and brainstorming ideas with writers!

Collaboration & ghostwriting
Don't have time or talent to write your own book? 
I can write it with you or for you.
As a certified copywriter and marketing enthusiast, I specialize in marketing funnel copy, back cover copy, book proposal copy, and website copy. 
I supply clients with compelling copy and meaningful marketing that aligns with your mission and vision, animating the sales of your books, products, or services.
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