Author Excelerator Mastermind

Excelerator n. one who goes farther and faster with excellence. 
Mastermind n. the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward 
a definite purpose in the 
spirit of harmony.

Conquer resistance and smash barriers so you can increase your visibility, influence, and impact--and become the author you’re called to be.

Book a Clarity Call 
We'll talk about where you are right now and where you want to go in your publishing career. 

Then we can determine if Author Excelerator Mastermind is right for you
what we do
Here's How the Mastermind Works...
Weekly Zoom Calls
All participants in the Author Excelerator Mastermind commit to attending a one-hour group Zoom meeting in which we brainstorm ideas, share insider secrets of publishing, and become a close-knit supportive community, 
Previous participants say this is priceless! 
One-on-one Coaching
Each participant in the Author Excelerator Mastermind will receive a one-on-one coaching call with me each month, plus a single two-hour discovery intensive zoom session. 
I also provide book proposal critiques and editing for each member of the group. 
Three-Day Retreat
At the end of our six months together, we'll meet for three days at an all-inclusive resort for fellowship, learning, brainstorming, and fun. 

This will be a time of celebration as well as a launch pad into great accomplishments to come.
"After coaching with Alice for several months, I have been able to create more of what I want in my life because of her insight. Consistently, 
Alice has coached me through stuck-points and offered acute observations I hadn’t thought of (that seem so simple to her!) and that change my understanding of a situation such that I have power to act. She is deeply intuitive and present in a way that seems magical, even though I know it isn’t magic–it’s real listening, life experience, 
and the ability to deeply empathize with clients! I have so much gratitude for Alice."
~Rachel Balkcom, teacher and program director
In four months of having Alice as my coach I had major breakthroughs in business, relationships, happiness, and other areas of life. She has truly been the difference in me taking control of my life. She is reliable, wise, and resourceful and has gone from being a coach to a mentor and friend for which I will be forever grateful."


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