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Tired of Struggling to Grow an Author Platform? 
Build a Tribe Instead!
Author Excelerator(TM) mastermind
Creativity, accountability, and empowerment for authors and thought-leaders called to publish life-changing messages and stories.
Quick-Start Mini Courses 
Whether you’re a brand new author or you've published multiple titles, if you’re self-published or have a traditional publisher, if you have a small or large audience, I'm here to help you win fans, influence readers, and harness the invisible mechanism responsible for 90% of your results. 
Discover Your 
Writer's Voice
Wondering how to develop your unique writing voice? It’s not as elusive as you may think! 

In this six-module mini-course, we’ll explore what voice means and do some exercises to help you discover your own unique expression that will help you stand out as an author—and help you 
build your tribe! 

Your writing voice is waiting to be discovered, and it doesn't have to take years. 

You can tap into your personal inner genius today!

Discover Your Writer's Voice Workbook is included with your tuition.

Coming in 2020! 

Pitch Perfect
Whether you’re presenting your book to an agent, an editor, or your ideal reader, a great pitch isn’t an art or a rehearsed act—it’s a science. 

In this course, we’ll apply brain science information to give you a powerful advantage anytime you talk about your book. 

With a bit of scientific technology and an innovative method for presenting and persuading you’ll be able to:

Craft a powerful hook
• Create irresistible intrigue
• Get to “yes” quickly

Find out how one powerful pitch can improve your publishing career—and even change your life!

Coming in 2020!   
The CopyWriting Advantage
Copywriting is influence at its finest. Whether in print, on video, or online, copywriting is strategic writing that compels people to follow, click, purchase, and share what you offer.
Copywriting is selling. But if you don’t like sales, let’s just say that copywriting will help you move more copies of your books.
This course will teach you the basics of copywriting for book marketing, including:
• Hooks and Headlines
• Back Cover Copy
• Web Copy
 •Catalogue Copy
• Video Script Copy
If you want to publish well, The Copywriting Advantage will help you win fans, influence readers, and impress agents and editors. Who wouldn’t want that?

Coming in 2020! 

As part of the Author Access MasterClass with Alice Crider I have moved several steps closer to my goal of publishing my memoir. 
Before taking the class, I had almost given up on ever 
finishing this book and had convinced myself that it would never see the light of day. Because of Alice’s encouragement to enlist the aid of a developmental editor, along with the accountability in the Author Access community, five months later I completed a polished 
manuscript with a strong story arc and theme. 
 If I had not taken this class with Alice, my story 
would still be languishing, half finished, in a drawer.
~Linda Kruschke, Award-winning Writer and Poet
Must-have Resources for Writers
Tap into Your Personal Inner Genius
Discover Your Writer's Voice Workbook
In this interactive workbook, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Discover how to couple your artistic inner aspirations with fundamental writing tools that will help you produce unique and compelling pages 

Develop your own exclusive style that reflects what only you can say 

Reel in your readers with a tone and tempo they can identify with while still enjoying a new and vibrant narrative

Whether you plan to self-publish or go with a traditional publisher, and whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, a unique voice will give you a competitive advantage in today’s market.

01. N/F Book proposal template
02. Fiction Book Proposal Template
03. Self-editing checklist
04. recommended reading list
05. Expert secrets 
06. dotcom secrets
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