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Whether you’re a brand new author or you've published multiple titles, if you’re self-published or have a traditional publisher, if you have a small or large audience, I'm here to help you win fans, influence readers, and become the author you are called to be. 
Publishing Strategy & Author Coaching
There are many publishing experts in the world. Some are amazing editors, writers, or marketers. 

 But you can pit me against the best writing teachers and publishing gurus out there, and I would absolutely win when it comes to coaching

I use a unique coaching technique that identifies and clears away stubborn brain patterns and limiting beliefs--instantly. 

My clients experience more power, freedom, creativity, and peace of mind in their personal lives and work (and so can you!).
Editing & Copywriting
With 20+ years of experience in traditional book publishing, I specialize in developmental, content, and line editing of non-fiction and memoir

I am skilled at analyzing a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and at suggesting improvements and revisions. I love strategizing and brainstorming ideas with writers.

As a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist, I specialize in back cover copy, book proposal copy, and website copy

I supply clients with compelling copy and meaningful marketing that aligns with your mission and vision, animating the sales of your books, products, or services.
Author Access MasterClass
a Comprehensive Training Program and Facebook Community that covers how to "Think Outside the Book" and create a customized marketing strategy that fits YOU and YOUR TRIBE 

Author Excelerator(TM) Mastermind: 
A Six-Month Intensive Small Group Coaching Program
and Three-Day Retreat

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Pitch Perfect
Coming Soon! 

The Copywriting Advantage: 
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"Some people can guide your writing, others your inner journey. Alice can do both! I have worked with Alice on books and I’ve benefitted from her life coaching. After every appointment with Alice I walk away knowing myself better and understanding what positive choices I need to make to benefit my life and writing."
~Tricia Goyer, best-selling author 
of 70+ books
Hi! I'm Alice Crider
I am a certified life coach and author coach with more than ten years of experience in helping individuals and authors achieve their dreams and goals. I am also a non-fiction editor with 20+ years of experience in book publishing, including eight years in a division of Random House, 

I specialize in developmental, content, and line editing. I am skilled at analyzing a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and at suggesting improvements and revisions. I love strategizing and brainstorming ideas with writers. 

Additionally, I am a certified copywriter and I love book marketing. If you're overwhelmed with the idea of building an author platform, I'll help you build a tribe instead. 
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